Northbound I-25 & Eastbound Rio Bravo Lanes to Shift As of Friday Morning, Nov. 30, 2018

 ALBUQUERQUE, 11-29-18 – Progress is continuing on the I-25 Rio Bravo Interchange Project. As of the commute on Friday morning, Nov. 30, 2018, there will be a number of changes on the I-25 Rio Bravo Interchange Project, including:

  • Traffic on northbound (NB) I-25 will be shifted to the left (west), with two (2) lanes of traffic through the interchange. The NB on-ramp will no longer be a merge lane. Instead, it will continue as a third lane. The NB off-ramp will remain closed.
  • Traffic on eastbound Rio Bravo will be shifted to the right in newly constructed lanes. Approaching the intersection of Rio Bravo and Broadway, there will be two (2) lanes of traffic open. Once traffic is east of that intersection, there will be three (3) lanes open. The right lane will be to access the I-25 southbound (SB) on-ramp ONLY.
  • Eastbound traffic on Rio Bravo ONLY (not westbound traffic) will be able to access to I-25 southbound on-ramp as described above.
  • All new lanes for northbound and southbound Broadway will be open.

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